SOA Resource Records for

Over the years, we managed thousands of DNS records and sites.

Back in 2011, we created an automated process to collect SOA resource records for some major companies and check if they follow the RFCs, and figure out the patterns of their DNS changes. For one of those, we tried to advise them to change their SOA format as there was no reasonable ground to be non-compliant but it fell on "deaf-ears". They still continue to be non-compliant.

After three years of data collection for, it is worthwhile to summarise the short findings. Full statistics of SOA changes are in this Excel file.

Statistics for SOA resource records of in period Sat Feb 19 00:01:01 EST 2011 to Sun Apr 13 00:01:01 EST 2014 (1156 days):

  • numerical value of SOA recource record arithmetically smaller than the previous one in two consecutive days 20 times
  • changed SOA resource record in two consecutive days 306 times
  • SOA resource record was non-compliant with RFC1912-2.2 267 times