Leaders and frontline battles

A story that my late father told me came to my mind. As an army officer, he claimed the story was a true event from one of the big nasty wars that took lives of many...

Young officer was assigned to a brigade, straight after the academy. The position was granted to him due to lack of available senior officers (war took a serious toll). Few weeks afterwards, they were ordered to attack the enemy lines.

The officer issued an order to march forward but the soldiers refused to obey. Puzzled, the young officer asked his adjutant what was wrong. The adjutant replied:

"Sir, soldiers expect you to lead them by being in front, not behind them!"
The officer understood. He charged in front, and everybody followed him. He lost life, but his brigade won the battle.

Even if the story had been made up by my father, it has had lot of influence on me throughout life.

Those of us who worked in any armed forces know the importance of right leadership. As far as I am concerned, the same applies in the civilian life too.