High Initial TCO for HP OpenStack Helion Community

Many providers offer various types of cloud. Competition is certainly welcome.

Recently, I looked at one seldom-mentioned aspect of clouds and came across unusually high TCO for HP OpenStack Helion Community that supports small-scale private cloud deployments of up to 30 nodes with up to 600 virtual machines.

Multi-node baremetal installation of HP Helion OpenStack Community is configured for a minimum of 7 and maximum of 36 baremetal systems, plus a system to run the installation (making it 8 physical servers).

For this installation, the hardware must meet the following minimum requirements:

* Seed Cloud (virtual machine)

* Minimum of 7 and maximum of 36 baremetal systems:

    UnderCloud Server (physical server)
    OverCloud Management Server (three physical servers)
    OverCloud Swift Object Server (two physical servers)
    OverCloud Compute Server (physical server, maximum 30)
Personally, to build the small cloud that requires eight machines up front looks excessive to me. The other element that I found limiting was very restricting type of servers and blades supported for this Cloud. Apart from a few HP Proliant servers and Bladesystems, the only two other servers were IBM System x3550 M4, and Dell Power Edge R620.

Hardware-neutral open-standards based cloud is certainly one of the main requirements I am looking for in any vendor offering. Solutions that "only work well with our own hardware" (as typically vendors like to say) are beating the purpose and design of good and robust cloud designs.