Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard timeline of interesting events 2002-2015

When corporations make significant mistakes in business plans, be it acquisitions, projects, orother work, who really pays the price?

Most of corporations boast about being “good citizens” but in reality, that is just an empty phrase,which, if repeated enough times, lure enough people to start believing in it.

Large-scale retrenchments continue to occur and they are direct “response” to inability of management to do what they are paid for: MANAGE PROPERLY.

A need therefore exists to e ffectively manage retrenchments and ameliorate their effects which have serious implications, not only for individuals, but also for families, society and the country (Ngonini, 2001). . If a company like HP, for example, “downsizes” by close to 58,000 employees in period of one-two years, who is responsible for highly probable burden to society due to unemployment, increased stress to families and bread-winners, and diminished tax collections?

How much did the HP Corporate (and its current subsidiaries and acquisitions) “own” social responsibility and show proper duty of care?

Or, why does this company make extreme mistakes repeatedly (sadly, not unique to HP, it happens to many others)?

Let’s take a look at some events in 12-year period 2002-2015: